Every moment
in life is a reason
to celebrate.

- Emily Bonenfant
Event Planner + Owner

Emily Bonenfant_ProcessUpdate.jpg



First comes the exposition.
How will your guests receive their invite, and how will this invite express your event’s concept and theme? How will your guests arrive? How will your guests be seated? These details mark the entrance of your guests into the world you’ve created, and they launch your story into action.


Next comes the rising narrative.
What mood do you want to create? Is this mood supported by the activities you're offering and the style of your decor? In a well-told story, each and every detail supports the narrative arc. We are setting the stage of the event by providing a cohesive experience that foreshadows what’s to come.


Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for:
the climax.

What’s the event’s main focus, the “wow” moment? Yes, of course we want an event to be a “wow” from start to finish, but having a clear focus is going to make your event really pop.


We close with a denouement.
How do you want your guests to exit? What would you like
them to take away, both literally and figuratively? Is there a party favor, and does this party favor evoke whatever you’d like your guests to remember when they wake up in next morning?